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Full Set Semi-Permanent Extensions

The best of the best in eyelash extensions. A 1-1 application which requires a 2 hour appointment. You achieve length, volume and maintenance free lashes. Requires a top up every 2-3 weeks.




Top-up appointment to replace the lashes we lose during our lash growth cycle, which takes an hour to complete

£18 (30mins) £30 (60mins)


LVL Lash Lift

A very relaxing treatment which includes a hand and arm massage. This is a real eye opener - it's almost like a perm for your lashes! Lashes are lifted to open the eyes and finished with tint to give the appearance of thicker and more defined lashes. Ideal for a no maintenance option - the lashes relax gradually - normally over 6 weeks.



Party Lash Application

Cluster lashes applied for the look you want to achieve (last around 2-7 days).



Lash FX eyelash extensions offer the option to choose any look you wish from natural to dramatic to full on celebrity glamour and everything in between. Lash FX eyelash extensions are available in various lengths, curvatures and thicknesses and can last up to 4-6 weeks but look best with an eyelash top up every 2-3 weeks.

Lash FX eyelash extensions open up the eyes, dramatically framing them. Your overall look is improved, confidence boosted and you will never want to be without them!

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